4 Awesome Cars and Expectant Trips You Can Make In & Around Europe

4 Awesome Cars and Expectant Trips You Can Make In & Around Europe
We all love cars – especially the sturdy, well-built ones. If those cars can haul more than a couple of people safely, securely, and comfortably, more points accrued.

While travel is really about the spirit of the journey than the vehicle itself, a good car goes a long way to make that journey worthwhile, fun, and safe. Here are some awesome cars and a few trips you can make in and around Europe with each of those:

Spain in Ford Focus

Ford Focus is a compact Sedan, and that’s the perfect vehicle for a family (or a group) of 4 people headed all the way to Spain. The British have always had a love affair with Spain. While Spain already welcomes a whopping 34 million International tourists (as on 2013), the British make up for about 23% of these visitors, British visitors literally make a beeline.

According to the Telegraph more holidaymakers are also choosing alternatives to mainstream travel habits. In terms of accommodation, for instance, most British visitors (40%) tend to stay at accommodations “other than hotels”.

That’s a drive fits the glove naturally. Take off to Spain to see any of the budget destinations Spain has to offer. A compact sedan like Ford Focus gives you better ride, mileage, and is easy to drive.

Land Lover Freelander: Go Anywhere

Really, with a car like Land Rover Freelander, do we even dare suggest a place you should go? The options are all yours.

You can go cartwheeling around a real tank taunting trigger-happy soldiers like they do in one of the special episodes of BBC Top Gear. Or you could be less boisterous and hop off to absolutely anywhere within the UK or anywhere else in Europe.

Remember, nothing goes somewhere the way a Land Rover does. Basically, there’s no stopping you.

Take Mazda MX5 to Scenic Europe

Stay poised until you cross the bustling traffic in the City, get to the Channel, cross over using the Tunnel, and then you are free to unleash the demon that’s Mazda MX5. Ideal for a romantic and adrenaline-pumping getaway with your special someone, the Mazda MX5 deal is best for getting away to scenic Europe.

Skirt your way to Switzerland, Italy, France, and you don’t have to stop for anything, if that’s your thing.

All adrenaline is packed under the hood. Your luggage, hopefully, isn’t so much to pack because the Mazda is no people carrier.

It just carries dreams and memories.

Ford Fiesta for Intra-country getaways

If you aren’t planning to go out so far, and if you are planning to straddle around UK, for instance, a robust hatchback is all you need. Take any route you like within the UK – go over to the castles, head over to the historic parts of town, go on a spending spree at shopping malls, or do basically anything you like within UK with the ease and comfort of a hatchback like Ford Fiesta.

No parking issues, no drivability problems, no cramped legs (not for short distances anyway), and enjoy great savings with the mileage.

Where do you go and what car do you pick where you want to go? What are the things you look at when you look at car hire options or when you have to haul your own car? Share some of your seasoned tips with us.

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