7 Field Trips You Can Take With Your Family, and Love Every Moment of It

7 Field Trips You Can Take With Your Family, and Love Every Moment of It
There are all kinds of wanderlust. There’s the “go anywhere and I don’t care where” kinds and there’s “I waited for an entire year eating packed lunch boxes and using public transport”.

Also, there’s I’ll think about where I got to go. I’ll save cash, plan, and take off type of travel.

For a single person, any kind of travel will do. When it comes to planning travel with family, however, things aren’t always that easy. There’s so much more going into the already chaotic environment that travel puts you in. If you are in the U.K, here are some field trips you could take with your family and love every moment of it.

Start with walking trips or hiking trails. Now, don’t discount walking as just an exercise – there’s lot more to walking than what seems apparent. You could consume all that nature has to offer, slowly and completely. You spend more time, get more vacation per every measure of time spent, and this is a trail of experience you’ll never forget.

Britain has some of the best walking trails in the world, and then, there’s more. Here are a few notable field trips you can take with your family:

The Thames Path

Did you ever wonder how it’d have been for scores of immigrants, visitors, and even pirates when they approached London? You’d have to do one trip across River Thames to know how that feels like? Instead of wading in the waters, try the road that’s alongside the river.

Running about 184 miles from the source of River Thames, watch the rover sake its way into London. This waterway has been around or ages. As you drive along the path, you’ll be able to witness the riverside pubs, London’s Southbank, and a whole lot more.

Cotswold Way, Central England

The Cotswold Way is Quintessentially English. It’s charming, quaint, historic, and a complete treat for kids and adults alike.

Locals and tourists have been pounding this 164 km long walking trial along with the other circular walks around the trial such as Chipping Campden; Broadway and the Tower; Stanton, Snowshill, and the Edge; Winchcombe and Belas Knap; and many more. Escape to the Cotwolds has a full list of the different circular trails that make up the whole Cotswold Way.

Northumberland and Dunstanburgh Castle

Wait. You know, you have seen, and chances are that you’d taken in your share of castles while in the UK.

Or maybe you didn’t.

Either way, you should get to this quaint little village called Alnwick (home to another castle, by the way) and walk along the coast leading to Northumberland, with an imposing fortress that’s Dunstanburgh Castle. It’s less famous compared to the others, its remoteness only adds to its charm.

It’s grand; it’s huge; and it’s worth a visit. The National Trust also has a list of things for you to do with your family while you are there.

Some Castles that Kids Love

Watching kids enjoying themselves is enough fun for parents. What if you can make your kids whimper in gleefulness?

With Jostling knights, and clashing of swords, you can. If you take them to Warwick Castle or Leed’s Royal Armories, you can immediately teach them thing or two about chivalry. The dirty, dingy, and shady dungeons are a plus.

A ghost story or two will come haunting for sure.

Alton Towers

Sometimes, all you need is fun. With children around, that’s the kind of focus you can’t go wrong with. If doodling with history and wading across exhausting hiking trials is not your kind of thing, you should look at something more “fun” as in almost tangible delight.

The answer: Alton Towers. We’ll break it down for you here: you have two hotels, a waterpark, an aquarium, the usual nasty rollercoasters that fling people across the park, and the towers itself is set on expansive grounds around a neo-gothic mansion.

Fred Mawer of The Telegraphic writes that the real deal is the thrill rides such as the 14-loop rollercoaster,  “Rita”, and “Oblivion”.

Royal Ceremonies: It’s the obvious

But it’s obvious for a good reason. It brings in a sense of blast from the past. It makes you wonder, imagine, and scheme up all sorts of stories. The Royal ceremonies have been around for ages. In the U.K, they continue with most of these ceremonies.

Haul your loved ones to Buckingham Palace, London and witness the mini-ceremonies such as Ceremony of the Keys, Trooping the Colour, Changing the Guard, and the State Opening of Parliament. You can read more about these ceremonies. Might we suggest you actually witness the royal ceremonies again?

Get a slice of Heritage

Nothing feeds you history the way Britain does. It has a history like no other country has or can have. Britain is packed to the brim with historic monuments. Most things have a historic significance. Some of the world’s best museums, cathedrals, castles, and the more obvious landmarks such as the Tower of London and the other royal attractions.

Ever wondered where the rich, the famous, the royal, and the gentry used to stay? Get to the best of the stately homes and historic houses. Finally, you can also see the “Roman Britain” and many world heritage sites.

Whether it’s going to a drive away for a much-planned weekend or a fairly improvised plan just to please the family, there’s no way Britain doesn’t have something for you to choose from.

What are your much-cherished weekend getaways? Any field trips you can recommend to our community here? Share your thoughts with us. We’d be happy to hear from you.

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