Alice Springs

Alice Springs is located right in the heart of Australia.  The scenery is absolutely stunning with deserts and cavernous gorges making up the landscape.  Mostly frequented by tourists who love the outdoors, Ayers Rock is one of the most renowned sites.  Alice Springs in itself is a great town to visit though and definitely not a “normal” tourist destination so you are sure to have a holiday like no other if you choose to visit.


Alice Springs is classed as having a desert climate however this doesn’t mean that the town never sees any rain.  In fact, the town has been known to have some dramatic rainfalls in its history.  During the summer, temperatures usually hover around the 30c mark, and winters are much colder averaging between 7 and 10 in the daytimes.  As the weather is quite predictable it’s a good idea to take a variety of clothes with you if you choose to visit the town.

Things to See and Do

Most of the activities in Alice Springs centre around outdoors activities.  There are lots to choose from including hiking, cycling, quad bike racing, outback ballooning and even camel riding!  The town itself is also a hub for Aboriginal artists and tourists can watch art being produced and even sit down and chat to the painters if they wish.

Getting Around

Most people who visit Alice Springs get around on foot.  Hiking is hugely popular in the area and there are a lot of trails for those who are interested in walking.  Due to its isolated location however, the best way to get around is by car.  There are numerous companies offering car hire Alice Springs and you can use the search facilities to compare their prices and book online.

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