A city of immense history, with myths and legends of Gods and Goddesses, monsters and heroes, Athens has long been considered the cradle of civilisation and the birthplace of modern democracy.  Athens is home to the most astounding, beautiful architecture and cultural heritage, the likes of which will not be found anywhere else in the world.  Athens is a city for young and old alike to enjoy.


Mild and enjoyable for the majority of the year, the temperatures rises during the months of June through to August when it reaches its peak making it difficult to remain outside in the sun for any length of time.  With the odd shower from September onwards the climate starts to cool down again.  Even during the winter months of November through to February when the winds rise and temperature drops Athens is still a bright and sunny place to be.

Things to See and Do

Athens has a wealth of historic sites to visit and explore.  Not only the Acropolis and Parthenon which are the regular tourist stops; Athens has a host of Byzantine and Roman monuments hidden amidst the wonderful ancient Greek architecture.  With inviting beaches, magnificent museums and plenty of retail opportunities there are plenty of attractions to appeal to every member of your party.

Getting Around

With 3000 years of history and widespread historic sites to visit transport is essential.  Walking is always an option within the city centre and busses and coaches are a relatively inexpensive option when wanting to travel further.  Athens also has a subway system which links the city with the surrounding area.  Taxis are always in operation although generally always busy.  Athens has several car hire companies to choose from.  Car Hire Athens is a great option for sightseeing and getting around the area and you can use the search facilities to compare the prices of car hire companies and book online.

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