Bahrain Travel Advice

Currently, there are numerous protests and demonstrations taking place across the country of Bahrain. Some of these demonstrations have become quite violent, but this violence is not specifically targeted at nationals from the United Kingdom. However, it is important that you maintain a high level of awareness when travelling in Bahrain. Be  extremely careful in public places and while on the roads. All large crowds and demonstrations should be avoided.

Travelling in Bahrain

Travel on the main routes of the island during the day is typically very orderly. There are police checkpoints in place. Any route that you choose to take off of the main route should be done so with extreme caution. Make sure to consider the situation in the local vicinity of your destination before travelling on less notable roads.

Renting holiday cars in Bahrain can be an enjoyable way to experience the island. It is important to become extremely familiar with all the roads throughout the area that you are visiting as there are times when certain highways and major roads are closed because of demonstrations. When this occurs, you will need an alternative route to get to your destination.

Terrorism Threats

There is a general terrorist threat in Bahrain. A terrorist attack in the country could be indiscriminate and occur against British, and western interests as well as in areas that are frequented by foreign tourists. There are continuous threats being made by terrorist groups about carrying out attacks in the Gulf Regions. You need to make sure you express extreme caution when travelling through these areas.

Crime in Bahrain

Thousands of British Nationals visit Bahrain each year, and the majority of these trips are without incident. Crimes against females are not necessarily common, but women travelling in the area should still remain cautious and never travel alone at night. If travelling at night is unavoidable it is a good idea to use a reputable taxi company for getting around the area.

Recent developments throughout the Middle East, Iraq, and Syria have continued to have an impact on the overall public opinions of the area. You should be alert as to the sensitivities of these issues. Follow the local news reports about what is going on in the area. This will help keep you alert as to where demonstrations may occur or where there may be public disturbances throughout the country. Avoid these areas during your visit.

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