Bali is a small Indonesian island with a population of roughly 3.9 million. Even though it is a little island it is the most popular tourist destination in the country. This is because there are lots of sights like things in the arts and crafts. Here, we will explore Bali in more detail.

It is more common to visit the south of the country. However, some of the northern areas are popular, and if you choose to visit make sure you choose car hire in Bali in order to get around rather than public transport. Work is currently in development to make public transport better, but the province does not expect this work to be complete in the next five years.

The reason why tourism has spiked in the few years is because there are no travel warnings at the moment. Areas like Kuta, Legian and Oberoi are cities that are very much on the up. In the last few years, several developers have pumped a huge amount of money into developing upper class hotels and establishments, and this has drawn a whole different market to Bali.  This fact has been proven with the average occupancy rate in the hotels. At the moment, the popular hotels are almost always booked during peak hours, and it is expected that 65% of the rooms are filled year round, which is a figure that has increased 5% from two years ago.

Bali has won various awards in the last couple of years. The Thermes Marins Bali Ayana Resort and Spa, was voted as the best hotel and spa in Asia in 2010, with a score of over 95 out of 100. This hotel won not only because of its wonderful facilities but also because of its location.

Performance for entertainment is a new concept in Bali. In fact, this industry has only been around for 80 years. One of the most popular performances has to be the Barong dance, which is a popular story telling dance.

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