Benbecula Airport

Benbecula Airport sits on Benbecula, as an island of the Outer Hebrides that sits off the western Scottish coast. Benbecula Airport offers service to mainland Scotland as well as the other nearby small islands. The airline which offers these vital flight services out of Benbecula Airport is Flybe, operated by Loganair, a well-known company. The airport opened in the 1930s and was originally used for military purposes.

The airport does off on-site car hire desks for three reputable car hire agencies. Laing Motors Car Hire, MacLennan’s Self Drive, and Ask Car Hire are all available for hire and offer pre-booking for the convenience of the traveller. Great deals can be procured when visitors shop these agencies well ahead of their arrival date and compare the price and vehicle options to find the optimum choice to suit their party’s need. Car hire at Benbecula Airport is best when using the airport to visit the North Uist and South Uist as part of your holiday. For added assistance finding your way about, consider adding a GPS system to your car hire reservation to avoid getting lost while driving.

Benbecula is often a hub or starting point for visits to the southern islands off Scotland’s coast. The island is connected to North Uist and South Uist by causeway roads. There are great beaches at the west coast of Benbecula, which are popular for tourism, as is a visit to ruins at Borve Castle. The beaches of North Uist are notably lovely along the western side. Furthermore, on North Uist is the Parpa Langrass- an interesting 5000-year-old burial chamber, Scolpaig Tower, and Teampall Na Trionaid. South Uist is home to the Loch Druidibeg Nature Reserve, the Our Lady of the Isles statue, and then there are the lovely westerly beaches.

Contact Benbecula Airport at Tel: 01870 602051 or by email by filling out the contact form located at The form offers space to ask questions or comment on a recent visit to Benbecula Airport.

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