Burgos is located in the northern part of Spain. Burgos is the capital of the province of the same name as well as a historical capital of Castile. There is an airport located just five kilometres from the centre of the city. The Burgos airport offers flights from Barcelona daily and during the summer, there are flights to Paris Orly and Palma de Mallorca. There are many things to see and do in Burgos, so consider car hire in Burgos airport for your transportation needs.


When visiting Burgos, you will experience a continental Mediterranean climate as defined by the Koppen climate classification system. The winters in the area are typically cool with temperatures below freezing. There is often snow in the area during the winter season as well. The summers in the area are quite warm with temperatures averaging around 26.5 degrees Celsius.


Burgos has many ancient convents and churches to visit. The three most popular are the Las Huelgas Monastery, the monastery of Miraflores, and the cathedral, which has the chapel of Condestables de Castilla.


There are 10 museums in the city, and the most recently opened museum is Museum of Human Evolution. The museum is based at the archaeological site Atapuerca. This area was designated as a world heritage site by the UNESCO. There are caves in the area where there have been stone tools, and fossils found that date back to some of the first known hominids in the western part of Europe. While visiting the museum, individuals are allowed to visit the archaeological site.


For the history of Burgos, one should visit the province of Burgos. The museum offers some of the most important documents and objects from throughout the ages.


Additionally, Burgos offers several parks in the area such as the Fuentes Blancas, which offers both biking and walking paths as well as the opportunity to camp in the area. Other parks in the area include Paseo del Espolon and Paseo de la Isla.

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