Caceres is located in the central part of Spain, near the west. The city is the capital of the Caceres province and is in the community of Extremadura. Caceres was founded in the 25th century by the Romans and there have been inhabitants in the area since prehistoric times.


The location of the city gives it a continental climate, but it is close enough to the Atlantic Ocean to be affected by it. The average temperatures during the winter do not go above 10 degrees Celsius and typically does not go below five degrees Celsius for the low. The higher temperature during the summer months is 31 degrees Celsius, and the lower temperature is 18 degrees Celsius. During the fall months of October and November and the spring months of March, April and May, rainfall is abundant.


Caceres offers many places to visit including several cathedrals and churches. The Gothic style Church of Santa Maria, the Baroque style Iglesia de San Francisco, and the Church of Santiago are just a few of the many churches that can be seen throughout the city.


The area known as “the old town” is still surrounded by ancient walls. The area offers a medieval feeling with no signs of modernization. This is one of the reasons that many movies have been shot in this area.


One of the largest nature preserves in the country is located in the area. Monfrague National Park offers a wonderful opportunity for those that love bird watching and nature in general. The park has the largest colony of Cinereous vultures that can be found in the world. It also holds over 10 imperial eagle couples and is one of the only places where the Iberian lynxes still exist.


The nearest airport to the city of Caceres is Madrid Barajas, which is located around 250 to 300 kilometres from the city. For this reason as well as for a way to get around the city of Caceres while visiting, consider car hire in Madrid Barajas for all of your travel needs.

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