Cadiz is located in the south western part of Spain. The city is a port town and also the capital of the homonymous province. Cadiz is known to be one of the oldest cities within the Iberian Peninsula; it is quite possible that it is the oldest inhabited city out of the entire south-eastern portion of Europe. The city has a unique setting as it is surrounded by water on all sides.

The climate of Cadiz is mixed, because it is affected by both the Mediterranean and the Atlantic. Typically, in the summers, the temperatures do not go above 34 degrees. The winters in Cadiz are mild, with the average temperatures around 18 degrees.

Cadiz has a lot to offer tourists from all over. The city offers squares, gardens, and grand avenues, which make walking around the city a wonderful experience. There are several castles and palaces to visit in the city as well. The Puerta Tierra was built during the 18th century; visitors enter the city through the centre of this wall.

The San Sebastian Castle is located on a smaller island that is just off the Caleta beach. The purpose of the castle was for protection on the northern edge of the city. Other castles of interest include the Santa Catalina Castle, Torre Tavira, and the Teatro Romano.

The city also has several churches and cathedrals. The San Agustín Church offers a neoclassic style church and was built in 1617. The Cathedral in the city had seven different architects in on the design, with building of the cathedral beginning in 1722 and not ending until 1838.

The closest airport to Cadiz is Jerez de la Frontera, which is located about 31 kilometres from the city. If you are travelling to the city of Cadiz, consider car hire in Jerez as a way to get to all the fabulous sites the city has to offer.

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