Cairns is a city located in northern Queensland that is often visited by tourists on their way to the Great Barrier Reef.  The city itself however is worth visiting for longer if you can as it is very vibrant and cosmopolitan and the tourist industry in the city is huge.  Cairns is also surrounded by the luscious rainforest and as such it also makes an excellent location for people wishing to explore the surrounding areas including Daintree and Cape Tribulation.


Cairns has a tropical climate with a dry season that runs from June to October and a monsoon season which runs from November to May.  When travelling during the monsoon season it’s a good idea to keep an eye on the weather forecasts as it’s not uncommon for floods to occur especially in areas that are close to the river.  In the summer it is not uncommon for temperatures to reach the low 40s.

Things to See and Do

Many of the attractions in Cairns are suited to people who like the outdoors especially with the rainforests and the reefs so nearby.  However other options include catching an international cricket match, taking a jungle coach tour, going hot air ballooning and even sky diving… okay yes all still sports related.  To chill out a bit head down to the Esplanade and enjoy the wide range of restaurants that there are on offer.

Getting Around

The city of Cairns itself is small enough to get around on foot.  However, with all the fantastic locations in the nearby vicinity it is highly recommended to opt for car hire Cairns.  Car hire gives you the opportunity to explore the rainforests, the Great Barrier Reef and all of the other interesting towns and villages in the nearby area.  You can use the search facilities to compare the costs of car hire companies and book online.

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