Cantabria is a city in Spain, which offers both a coastal and mountainous region. The city shares an eastern border with the province of Biscay and a southern border with Castile and Leon. It shares a western border with Principality of Asturias. Cantabria is one of the richest cities in all of Spain for archaeological sites, with the first signs of humans occupying the area during the lower Palaeolithic time period.

The climate of Cantabria is affected by the Gulf Stream, which means the temperatures are mild. The summers in the city are quite warm, and the winters are also decent. The average temperature throughout the year is roughly 14 degrees, but this is much higher in the summer and cooler in the winter.

Travellers to Cantabria often fly into the Santander Airport, which serves the area. When travelling to Cantabria it is worth considering car hire in Santander as a way to travel to the many sites throughout the city.

There are several caves to explore in the area, such as El Soplao, Altamira Cave, Del Valle, El Pendo, Las Monedas, Pasiega Cave, Morin, and El Castillo, as well as plenty of others.

There are both civil and religious architectural sites to visit as well. These include the Capricho de Gaudi, Magdalena palace, Sobrellano palace, Santo Toribio de Liebana Monastery, Santa Maria del Puerto, and several others.

In addition, Cantabria offers several different museums, each offering a certain type of learning experience and displays. The Santander Museum offers displays of fine arts from around the area. For those interested in the history of the area, the Regional Museum offers a look at the Prehistory from the archaeological exhibits from the area. Additionally, the Maritime Museum of the Cantabrian Sea offers a look into the oceans of the area.

Throughout the year, there are many fairs held around the city, such as the Coso Blanco, which is held in July. The SAUGA folk musical festival is held at the end of August. These are two of the best fairs in the city.

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