Barcelona is the capital of the Catalonia province in Spain. The city is second in population and is only smaller than Madrid. In the European Union, Barcelona is ranked sixth in size.

Barcelona is located in the eastern part of Spain and offers a Mediterranean climate according to the Koppen climate classification system. The winters in Barcelona are typically fairly warm and mild, and the summers tend to be dry and hot.

The city of Barcelona has become a popular tourist destination over the years. One of the reasons is because of the great sporting venues offered in the city. Barcelona played host to the Summer Olympics in 1992 and has hosted the World Cup and other championship games in soccer, basketball, Judo, water polo, and many other sports.

In addition to being a city of great sports, Barcelona is also a city of many wonderful museums. These museums cover many different areas include Romanesque art, Spanish Art, and contemporary art. There are also several archaeology and history museums such as the City History Museum, the Barcelona Maritime Museum and an Egyptian museum which is privately owned. Cosmocaixa offers an award-winning science museum, and one of the most unusual museums is the Erotic museum.

The city of Barcelona is also home to several beaches and according to the magazine National Geographic, the city has the best ‘urban’ beach. There are seven beaches in the city covering 4.5 kilometres of the coast. The oldest and largest beaches in the city are Sant Sebastia and Barceloneta. The other beaches in the area are part of the Olympic Harbour.

When travelling by air to the city you will arrive at Barcelona El Prat Airport, which is the largest airport on the coast of the Mediterranean. While visiting the city, there are many things to see and do so you will likely need a car. You will want to consider car hire in Barcelona El Prat Airport to meet all of your transportation needs.

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