Castellon is located on the coast of Spain and stretches between the sea and the mountains. Castellon is becoming one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country because of its simple beauty. The climate in Castellon is perfectly mild throughout the year. The temperatures in the coldest month of January average around 10 degrees Celsius. August is the warmest month of the year with temperatures averaging around 24 degrees Celsius. On average, the temperature in Castellon is around 17 degrees Celsius and there are over 300 sunny days per annum.


To get to Castellon, tourists typically fly into the Manises airport, which is located in nearby Valencia. However, the city will soon have its own airport making it possible to fly directly into the city. When travelling to Castellon, it is a good idea to have a car to get around, consider car hire at Castellon airport for your travel needs.


The city of Castellon is quite lovely all throughout the year, with many points of interest. Taking a stroll around the old quarter of the city allows you to see both renaissance and gothic architecture. The El Fadri offers a 58 meter high bell tower that is a symbol of the city. The bell will ring every hour and also to announce events that are taking place in the city.


The Town Hall was built during the 18th century and has a Tuscan style. The arched windows are amazing and inside the hall, you will find sculptures from Benlliure and Viciano as well as paintings by Foz, Oliet, Pocar, and Puig Roda.


There are several museums located throughout the city as well. The Ethnological Museum has been open since 1983 and offers visitors the chance to see tools from the olden days that were used by shoe makers, for weaving, and by blacksmiths.


One of the other places of interest that is relatively new to the city is the Planetarium. It offers a permanent exhibition as well as screenings year round.

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