4 Awesome Cars and Expectant Trips You Can Make In & Around Europe

We all love cars – especially the sturdy, well-built ones. If those cars can haul more than a couple of people safely, securely, and comfortably, more points accrued.

While travel is really about the spirit of the journey than the vehicle itself, a good car goes a long way to make that journey worthwhile, […]

Exciting things to do in Berlin

Berlin is one of the most exciting cities to visit in Germany. There are so many attractions and activities in this modern metropolis it is hard to know where to begin. There are many unique districts that can provide the tourist with wonderfully different experiences while in the city. Find family car hire at Berlin […]

Travel advice to Belgium

Safety and Security Tips

Most travel to Belgium is without incident. There are petty thefts crimes that do occur including bag snatching, pick pocketing, and mugging, comparable to the issues that are found in the United Kingdom. When travelling in Belgium you should take common sense, normal precautions in order to avoid being a victim […]

Travel advice to Denmark

Travel Safety Tips

Most travellers to Denmark will find that the country is relatively safe. The majority of trips to the country will be without incident. However, it is important to remain cautious while travelling. The tourist season in Denmark attracts bag snatchers and pickpockets, especially in areas that are crowded. Always keep your personal […]

Travel advice to Finland

Safety Tips for Finland

When travelling to Finland you will find that the crime rate in the country is fairly low. During the tourist season, there are a number of pickpockets, especially in crowded areas. Make sure to keep your personal belongings safe and secure at all times, including your passport and any money you […]

Travel advice to Malta

Terrorism Threats

There is a very low risk of terrorist attacks occurring in Malta. However, there is a global threat of terrorist attacks occurring at any time. These attacks may be indiscriminate and occur in places that are public and include those that are frequented by foreign travellers and expatriates. Make sure that you are […]

Travel advice to Poland

Crime in Poland

Most people who visit Poland will have no issues. It is important to remain alert when in the country as there is street crime and petty thefts that do occur. As a foreigner you may appear to be a fairly lucrative target. Always keep your cash and any valuables out of site, […]

Travel advice to Sweden

Terrorist Threats

There is a general overall threat of terrorism in Sweden. Terrorist attacks may be indiscriminate and could include places that are frequented by foreign travellers and expatriates. In December of 2010, there were two bombs set off in a shopping area located in the central area of Stockholm. The first bombs were gas […]

Travel advice to Turkey

Places to Avoid in Turkey

There are several terrorist groups that are active in Turkey. Areas that should be avoided when travelling through the country include the provinces of Tunceli, Surt, Sirnak, and Hakkari. When travelling anywhere in the south-eastern part of the country tourist should remain vigilant at all times.

Terrorist Threat

There is […]

Brussels Airport

Brussels Airport (BRU) is 11 kilometres from the centre of Brussels, within the Machelen and municipalities of north-central Belgium. The airport features an entirely Schengen terminal, which is convenient to travellers not wanting to pass through unnecessary customs areas.

Brussels Airport Car Hire Advice

Brussels is a great holiday locale in Belgium, as it is […]