China Travel Advice

In the recent months there have been anti-Japan demonstrations that have taken place in several cities throughout China. These demonstrations are related to territorial disputes. The demonstrations are continuing to increase in size. When travelling in China you should avoid any large gathering of people that are targeting Japanese interests. Chinese authorities enforce public order extremely strictly. Avoid becoming caught up in public demonstrations or  large gatherings as you may face being arrested, deported, or being detained in the country. Leave the area immediately if you sense any kind of public unrest or demonstration that is going to take place.


Do not attempt to travel to Tibet without the appropriate documents in place. Make sure that you check to make sure that you have filled out all the paperwork required for travel through this region. In addition, never become involved in any type of public demonstration involving calls for Tibetan independence. Chinese authorities consider taking photographs and videotaping these events as provocative, and you may be arrested for partaking in these activities.


If travelling to China in the months of May through November it is important to be aware that this is typhoon season in the country. The typhoon season affects the eastern coast region and the southern region of the country. Make sure that you watch the local weather station or check with the China Meteorological Administration to be informed about any incoming storms during your holiday.


China also experiences earthquakes. If an earthquake should happen while you are travelling in China it is important to follow the advice of the local authorities. You will want to try to contact the nearest British Embassy should a natural disaster of any kind occur while you are visiting China.


Petty theft is on the rise, especially in the larger cities of the country. There have been instances of British passports being stolen. International travellers are also targeted for mobile phones, laptops, handbags, and purses. The majority of the tourist areas in the country attract pickpockets. Remain vigilant when travelling throughout the country.

Driving in China

Many people choose to hire executive cars while travelling in China. This provides you with an opportunity to travel around the country as there is much to see and do. In order to drive in China you will be required to pass a driving test. An international permit may not be sufficient. If you are planning to drive in the country, you will want to become familiar with the road safety laws of the country.

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