Ciudad Real

Ciudad Real is located in Spain, approximately 185 kilometres from Madrid. The close proximity to Madrid is making Ciudad Real a popular area for people to settle in and commute to the city. The Ciudad Real airport is now open and serves the area. When visiting Ciudad Real, there are many things to see and do, which will require a car for travelling. For this reason, consider car hire in Madrid Barajas Airport for your transportation needs.


One of the most visited places in the city is the Don Quixote Museum. The museum is located near the Parque de Gasset. This wonderful museum combines art exhibits along with multimedia exhibits as a tribute to the character Don Quixote. Miquel de Cervantes created this delightful character and at the museum, visitors will experience 10 of the characters from the book.


The oldest church in the city is the Iglesia de Santiago. The church was built towards the end of the 13th century and represents a gothic style of architecture. The church consists of three blocks and is in two different parts. Decorations include gothic paintings as well as dragons that were considered as guardians against bad spirits.


The Plaza Mayor is in the centre of the city and offers a wonderful place to walk around and enjoy the city. There are many types of architecture to view as well as several older churches.


When in Ciudad Real, the climate is fairly temperate. During the months of December and January the average high is eleven degrees Celsius and the lows are around one degree. From February through April, the upper temperatures range from 13 to 19 degrees with lows ranging from one to six degrees Celsius. The summer months offer high temperatures ranging from 23 to 33 and low temperatures ranging from 9 to 13 degrees Celsius.

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