Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs is the second largest city in the state of Colorado, only being surpassed by Denver.  It is located right on the foothills of the Rocky Mountains and is as all American as it gets.  The perfect place for an outdoors holiday, Colorado Springs is home to rugged landscapes, freak weather and a variety of activity options.  This is one awesome place to go on holiday!


There are four very distinct climates in Colorado Springs.  The summers are incredibly hot with temperatures averaging the high 30s from June to August.  The spring and autumn seasons are both relatively short and home to numerous violent thunder storms.  Winter in the city arrives quite early, with snow generally arriving towards the end of October.

Things to See and Do

There are lots of things to do in and around Colorado Springs especially if you love the outdoors.  You could go and see the Garden of the Gods, for example, which is perfect for hiking and rock climbing, and, best of all, entrance is completely free.  Another great location is the Cave of the Winds, where you can go on a guided tour through a series of ancient caves.  Then there are the Helen Hunt Falls and the Seven Falls which are both great places to spend a day.  Colorado Springs really is a fantastic area for people who enjoy being at one with nature.

Getting Around

A great way to get around Colorado Springs is by opting for car hire Colorado Springs.  This way, you can see all the fantastic things that the area has to offer, as well as having the option of travelling further afield if you so choose.  Of course, you can also opt to use a range of public transport services or taxis.  If car hire is your choice use the search facilities to compare the companies that operate in the city and book online.

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