Cordoba is located in the southern part of Spain in the province of Cordoba. It is the capital of the province. During ancient times, the city of Cordoba was Roman and Iberian and during the middle ages, the city became an Islamic caliphate. The architecture of the city defines both periods in detail.


Cordoba offers some of the finest summer weather in all of Europe, with temperatures averaging 36.2 during July. Temperatures reaching over 40 degrees Celsius are common during the summer as well. The city of Cordoba has a Mediterranean climate, which means that the winters are mild, with only a few frosts. Precipitation that falls in the area typically comes during the months of December through February.


The city of Cordoba offers many unique architectural treasures to visit. The city offers one of the oldest in Europe and is one of the largest areas in Europe that has been declared by UNESCO to be a World Heritage Site. The most well-known site in the city is the Great Mosque. The building was started in approximately 600. When the Islamic conquest occurred, the church was divided between the Christians and Muslims. Today, Muslims are petitioning to be allowed to pray in the Mosque.


The old Jewish quarter is located next to the great Mosque and is home to the Sephardic House and the Synagogue as well as several irregular streets. There are also the Parque de Miraflores and the Parque Cruz Conde.


There are several unique bridges in the city as well, including the Roman Bridge that goes over the Guadalquivir River. The bridge is the link from Campo de la Verdad to the Barrio Catedral.


In addition to the many great churches and monuments, Cordoba is also home to several parks, gardens, and other natural environments. The Jardines de la Victoria offer newly renovated facilities and a modernist fountain that was built in the 20th century.


The city of Cordoba is served by the Malaga Airport. When travelling to the area consider car hire in Malaga airport to get you to all of your destinations.

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