Dallas is an extremely big city.  It is the third largest in the state of Texas, and the ninth biggest in the whole of the US.  The city is split up into a number of districts which each contain a variety of things to see and do.  If you are thinking about visiting Dallas, you may want to consider looking into the different areas that make up the city beforehand, so that you know which areas are of particular interest to you as well as knowing which areas to stay away from of course.


Dallas has a subtropical climate.  This means that the winters are mild, the summers are hot and the spring and autumn are very, very wet.  On very rare occasions, it will snow in Dallas during the winter, but it generally will not lie as it is very rare to have a day where the temperatures do not go above freezing.

Things to See and Do

There are plenty of things to see and do in Dallas.  Of course, Texas is cowboy country, so there is plenty for you to do in terms of rodeos.  You can also learn cheese making, if that is something that interests you.  Other than that, there are many museums, theatres and parks.  The nightlife is also brilliant in Dallas, so you could opt to go eating or drinking or dancing and you will certainly be able to find some great venues.  Don’t miss out on visiting one of the real country venues… it is Texas after all.

Getting Around

Dallas really is a huge city and public transport is very good.  You can travel by bus or by train, or you could opt to take a taxi.  If you are visiting other parts of the United States, you may want to consider using domestic flights.  Alternatively, you could opt for car hire Dallas.  This will give you the freedom to come and go as you please, rather than having to be tied to the timetable of other – expensive – services.  Why not use the anycarhire.com search facilities to compare the prices of car hire companies operating in the city and book online.

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