Denver Airport

Denver Airport is the tenth busiest airport in the whole world and the third biggest in size.  Located just 23 miles away from the city of Denver, it handles over 50 million people on an annual basis.  Popular with tourists visiting both Colorado Springs and Denver itself, if you will be passing through the airport at any time you definitely won’t get bored as there is A LOT to keep you occupied.


Denver Airport has a wide variety of facilities and has pretty much everything that passengers would expect from a large airport.  There are over 60 shops which include everything from high street stores like the Body Shop to a photographic art gallery and duty free.  Restaurants and cafes also abound and with over 70 to choose from you are sure to find something you enjoy.  Other options include business and conference facilities, money exchange kiosks, ATMs, an interfaith chapel, an Islamic prayer hall and massage facilities.  Wi-Fi is enabled throughout the terminal and is free.


Denver Airport has one extremely large terminal building that is split into two concourses.  Concourse A services American Airlines as well as domestic and international flights, whilst Concourse B only services domestic flights.

Getting To and From the Airport

There are numerous transport options that link Denver Airport to both downtown Denver and a number of the suburbs.  Skyride buses, charter buses and shuttle buses are all options as is hailing a taxi.  Mountain carriers can also be booked in advance for tourists wishing to head upwards to one of the ski resorts.  If you plan on travelling around Colorado quite a bit you might want to look into car hire Denver Airport.  You can use the website to compare the price of companies operating in the area and book online.

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