Disabled travelers rolling in Wheelchair for Easter break

It is that time of the year once again when you want to get out there and visit your favorite cities in the world. If you are an individual with a walking disability, you require finding a city that is wheelchair friendly. However, you will find that the cities have special parking spots for people with disabilities and well-tarmacked pavements that allow rolling of wheelchairs. Also, the washrooms are specially designed for people with disability. In general, facilities that need to be considered for wheelchair accessibility include;

  • Toilets and washrooms

  • Pavement

  • Car packing for people with disabilities

  • Electric wheelchair

  • Accessible transport

  • Rental wheelchair and on certain occasions, disability discounts for the tour

All the above features make it easy for people in wheelchairs to maneuver around the cities to visit the top rated tourist attractions that the cities have to offer. Most cities will provide these features and choosing the right one to tour will be of a great advantage.

The Easter period comes during the spring season, and to find the most suitable city for this season, you need to find out what you would expect regarding the weather. The cities of Barcelona and Seville will provide just the right temperatures for this season.


In the city of London, there are fantastic tourist attractions sites that you would not want to miss for anything. The Buckingham Palace is one incredible area that is suitable for persons in a wheelchair. You can roll your wheelchair on the tarmac that is outside the Buckingham Palace, from where you can get a good view of the Palace. Other tourist attractions in the city of London that are suitable for persons in wheelchair include; Museums and Art Gallery, Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, Big Ben among others. These areas are well equipped with access facilities that provide a broad range of services for people with disabilities. There are also specialist tours for these people.


The city of Paris in France is another great attraction for people with disabilities. This is because of the various handicap friendly activities and facilities that the city’s main attractions offer. During the Easter season, you can visit the Eiffel Tower, Museum de Louvre, Notre Dame Cathedral among other incredible areas which are wheelchair accessible.


The city of Barcelona takes matters seriously when it comes to accessibility of the disabled. During the Easter season, Barcelona can be a choice to make if you want a tour in one of the European great cities. The city’s tourist attractions are equipped with toilet facilities, buses, wheelchair for hire, parking sites and taxis that are able to take the disabled around the city’s main attractions. Some of these attractions include; the legendary Sagrada Familia which has been around for over a century and construction is ongoing for the next 30-80 years, La Rambla boulevard, The Magic Fountain of Montjuic among others.


The city of Athens is well known for historical architecture and museums that are an important part of tourist attractions especially in the spring season. For disabled tourists, Athens is a choice that you would not regret as there are buses, parking spaces and cars and wheelchairs for hire that are suitable for the disabled and people and those who need wheelchairs. Some of the most incredible tourist attraction destinations in this city include; Acropolis Museum, The Ancient Agora, National gardens among others.


In Europe, this is the perfect place to visit. This is so due to the incredibly warm temperatures of upto 30 degrees. The city has a lot to offer in terms of tourist attraction. They include a wide range of cultural attractions and historical sites that provide such incredible tapestries. Lisbon is the way to go even for people on wheelchair due to the factors considered such as parking space, wheelchairs and cars for hire and toilets designed for people with disabilities.

Other cities that also offer tourist attractions that are wheelchair accessible include; New York City, Venice, Vienna, Amsterdam among other areas. The cities’ tourist attractions are designed with special facilities that are wheelchairs accessible such as washrooms, parking lots, and areas for rolling wheelchair.

Using the bus during this season will give you the best sites of the cities that you plan on visiting. The right buses for people with disabilities should include those that have wheelchair accessible facilities. The Hop on Hoff Bus Tours provides wheelchair accessibility. Before you embark on a city’s sightseeing, compare Hop on Hoff bus tours to ensure that you get on the right one for wheelchair accessibilities. The cities of Paris, Barcelona, London, New York and Frankfurt have incredible features for persons on a wheelchair.

On tour, to answer the question as to which pass is the best for that particular city. You need to keep in mind the incredible features that the pass has to offer. Different pass cards have variations for different people including persons with disabilities. Compare tourist city skip line pass to find the one that suits you most. Some passes provide you with the visit of the top tourist attractions by offering free entry, free public transport without having to book several tickets for the various attractions of the city. Another pass is the one that allows you to tour the city at your pace; public transport is also available for those who prefer to experience the local routine.

Find out cheap car hire deals that will give you the best transportation through the cities. The cars need to be specially designed for people with disabilities and can be packed on special spots for people with disabilities. You can spend less and enjoy your sightseeing when you get the right cars and get them at cheap car hire deals. Some cars are also specially designed for wheelchair accessibility.

Also, it is the Easter season, and you would not want to spend all that you have on the trip. Find out the best deals for car rentals cashback deals. Take advantage of the discounts that are offered especially during the Easter season. Make a point of enjoying your trip with the best car deals that will cover your wheelchair accessible needs.


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