Exciting Things to do in Barcelona

When visiting Barcelona, everyone has heard of the main attractions of the city such as the Picasso Museum and La Sagrada. If you are looking for some other fun and different things to do while you are on holiday in Barcelona, find a family cars at Barcelona airport and check out some of these unique places.

Dans le Noir

This restaurant is like none that you have experienced. Your entire dining experience is without light. The room you eat in has absolutely no light and waiters will attend to your needs in the dark as well. The food is amazing, but the experience is what you are there for. If you are ready to be taken out of your comfort zone and are looking for a cool experience, this is the place to visit while in Barcelona.

Mammoth Museum

The Mammoth Museum isn’t your ordinary museum. There are skeletons in this museum that are millions of years old. The best part about visiting this museum is that you are actually allowed to touch the exhibits! You can hold a molar and tusk of a woolly mammoth and even touch the hide of the rhinoceros.

Race a Ferrari

Exciting Things to do in BarcelonaIf it is speed that you are looking for, and if you have always dreamed of driving a Ferrari, now is your chance. The Circuit de Cataluña offers driving experiences that allow you to spend the day on a real F1 Grand Prix track. Anyone who is a racing fan simply must include this on their holiday in Barcelona.

There are several other fun things to do in Barcelona as well. The Sub-Zero Beach Bar offers a unique bar experience as everything inside the bar is made of ice. You will want to wear warm clothing and gloves while visiting.

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