Florida is the most south eastern state in the United States and is often nicknamed “The Sunshine State” due to it’s fabulous weather.  Especially popular during the traditional winter months in the US, Florida receives thousands of tourists every year from locations around the globe.  With gorgeous beaches and some world renowned attractions such as Disney World and Universal Studios, it’s not hard to see why this is such a popular tourist destination!


The climate in Florida can be pretty crazy at times but as long as you understand a bit about it you can stay safe.  The summers are usually swelteringly hot although the sea breezes do help to keep the real feel temperature down.  Winters are usually mild with temperatures hovering around the mid teens to early twenties.  Florida also experiences hurricane season which runs from June until the end of November.  If you are visiting during these months, make sure to keep an eye on the weather.

Things to See and Do

As said above, Florida is full of interesting things to see and do!  A selection of the best include:

  • Visiting some of the best theme parks and water parks in the world – including Disney Land Florida, Universal Studios and Wet and Wild
  • Heading to one of the state’s parks or forests and hiking through some gorgeous scenery
  • Relaxing on one of the stunning beaches – there are lots to choose from!
  • Trying some Cuban food – especially if you are visiting Tampa or Miami!

Getting Around

Most of the major cities in Florida are connected by Greyhound Bus, and travelling by train is also an option (if an expensive one).  Florida is however known as the car hire capital of the world and you will find all the main car hire companies operating from here.  If car hire Florida sounds like your kind of thing, visit the anycarhire.com website to compare prices and book online.

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