Frankfurt, Germany is the financial centre of the country. The skyline and large airport are two of the focal points of the city, but there are plenty of other things to see. The city is located near the river Main. In order to ‘understand’ the city of Frankfurt, you must understand that there are many contrasts within the borders.

Frankfurt has some of the tallest skyscrapers in the whole of Europe, but also has some of the most well maintained older buildings in the world. Downtown Frankfurt draws many of the tourists in the country. However, there are many neighbourhoods around the city that offer gorgeous 19th century parks and streets that tourists often miss.

It is easier to visit the city in early autumn or the late spring. The summers can be extremely hot, and the winters are very cold. It is best to avoid staying in the city during trade fairs such as the Frankfurt Motor Show because accommodation rates are increased, and the city is often over populated with tourists.

Going in and out of Frankfurt is rather easy as it is in the heart of Germany making it a national transportation hub for the country. There are many flights into the city all year round, and you can also reach it by car or by bus. While in the city, car hire in Frankfurt is often a popular choice because the city is easy to get around by car.

There are plenty of things that tourists can see and do in Frankfurt. One of the most popular destinations is Saint Paul’s Church, which was partially damaged in WW2. The mix of a modern appearance in what should be a mature building is rather strange and something that needs to be seen.  Also, make sure you look out for the Commerzbank Tower, which should not be hard as it is actually the tallest building in the whole of Europe at 850ft high.

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