Geneva is located in the French speaking part of Switzerland and is second only to Zurich in population. Geneva is the location of many international diplomacy headquarters, including the Red Cross. There is a large presence of the United Nations in the city, even though the headquarters has since moved to New York.

Geneva enjoys a temperate climate, with mild winters that usually have frosts through the night that thaw during daylight. There is typically some sort of snowfall during the winter, and the nearby mountains offer a wonderful place to ski. The summers are generally warm. Many people enjoy swimming in the lakes and spending time on the beaches. Autumn tends to be the wettest season, although precipitation is well-distributed year round.

There are many things to see and do within the city. The Jet d’Eau is one of the great fixtures in Geneva. This magnificent fountain shoots water up to 140 m in the air. The fountain is gorgeously lit at night, offers a spectacular view at any time. The fountain is best seen from a distance unless you are willing to get wet.

Another site to see is the Cathedrale St-Pierre. It is located in Old Town at the highest point. The area now offers a new Saint Pierre pass which includes entry into all three sites located in the area, the Cathedral, as well as its towers. The International Museum of Reformation is located in this area as well.

For those that enjoy shopping, the Quartier des Grottes offers unique shops as well as the interesting “les Schtroumpfs.” These are a series of buildings designed by architects whose goal was to avoid using only straight lines.  Car hire at Geneva Airport is a great way to see all the shopping options.

Geneva is also home to many museums, such as Musee d’Hitoire Naturelle, Musee ARIANA, and the Museum of Modern Art.

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