Genoa Airport

Genoa Airport is also known as the Cristoforo Colombo Airport and is located in the gulf of Genoa in Italy.  More than ten international and domestic airlines service the airport, including Alitalia, Ryan Air and Air France; and over five million passengers use the airport every year, making it a very busy airport.  It is mainly used for flights to other destinations across Europe and has a variety of facilities to keep passengers occupied between flights.


The terminal at Genoa Airport is very modern and has great facilities throughout.  There are cash machines to be found, as well as a bank and an exchange kiosk.  There is also a postal office.  Of course, you will also find a lost baggage service, as well as a large variety of shops, cafes, bars and restaurants located in all areas of the airport including departures and arrivals.


Genoa Airport has a single, but very efficient, terminal.  The terminal is made up of four floors and is able to handle even more passengers than it does currently – a view to the future in other words.  The ground floor holds arrivals and baggage.  One floor up, you will be able to find the departures floor.  The third floor is home to all of the shops and restaurants and the top floor is designed for airport staff.

Getting To and From the Airport

Getting to and from Genoa airport is relatively easy, as it is so close to Genoa itself.  However, you may want to consider car hire Genoa airport, allowing you to visit all of this beautiful area of Italy at your own leisure and convenience, rather than having to rely on public transport.  If this is an option for you, why not use the website to compare the prices of the companies operating from the airport and book online.

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