Guadalajara lies in the natural area of La Alcarria and is part of the community of Castile-La Mancha in the country of Spain. Guadalajara is about sixty kilometres north and east of Madrid. It is located on the Henares River.


When visiting Guadalajara, Spain you will experience a typical Mediterranean climate. However, in Guadalajara, the winter months will often times become very cold. The reason for this is because the city has a higher elevation and is also located inland, resulting in a less pronounced influence on the weather from the sea.


Average winter temperatures tend to range from 2.4 degrees Celsius to 5 degrees Celsius. The spring and fall months are fairly moderate in temperatures. The summer months have an average mean temperature ranging from 16 degrees Celsius to 19.5 degrees Celsius.


There are several sites to visit in the city of Guadalajara. One of the main sites in the city is the bridge that crosses the Henares River. The bridge is built on Roman foundations and Arab. There are also several historic buildings in the city, including; the Palacio Del Infantado.


Guadalajara is also home to several significant churches, including; the Church of San Gines. Even though Guadalajara is the largest city in the diocese, the cathedral in the area is located in the neighbouring city of Siguenza. There is a co-cathedral located in Guadalajara, which is Saint Mary. The Saint Mary cathedral is built in the Mudejar style. In close proximity of this church, there is the Capilla de Luis de Lucena chapel. There are many fresco paintings located on the ceiling and the walls of this chapel.


The city of Guadalajara is served by the Madrid Barajas Airport. When travelling to the city it is a good idea to have a car to get from place to place. For this reason, it is best to consider car hire in Madrid Barajas Airport for your needs.

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