Guipuzcoa is a historical territory located in the Basque Country of Spain. The area of Guipuzcoa is located on the eastern point of the Cantabric Sea that lies in the Biscay Bay. The city offers an oceanic climate, which provides the area with an intense green colour. The climate also means that the weather in the area is fairly mild all throughout the year. The temperatures in the area rarely are below freezing and the summers in the area can get quite warm, but not too hot. The gorgeous landscape of lush green vegetation, seascape, and the mountains, make the Guipuzcoa area a wonderful place to visit at anytime.

There is only one airport that services the area of Guipuzcoa and that is the San Sebastian Airport. When travelling to the area, it is worth it to consider car hire in San Sebastian Airport in order to get to and from all the wonderful sites within the area.

One of the places to visit is the Chillida-Leku Museum. The museum is located within the gardens of a Zabalaga Farmhouse. All throughout the gardens you will find the works of Chillida. There are guided tours available, or you can simply enjoy the exhibits on your own.

The Ganbara Koldo Mitxelena offers an art gallery and exhibition halls for your enjoyment. Throughout the year, visitors may enjoy a concert on the stage as well as many events that occur at the exhibition hall.

For individuals who love nature and are looking for physical activity, the Guipuzcoa area offers mountains to climb and the ocean is open for all types of water sports. For those that are interested there are several mountains to climb with peaks between 800 and 1500 meters. There are a number of marked pathways for hikers and bikers to enjoy.

For the sea lovers, you may enjoy surfing, jet skis, or simply laying out on one of many beaches in the area. There is truly something for everyone in Guipuzcoa.

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