Hahn is a city in Germany located on the Rhineland Palatinate, around 100 km west of the city of Frankfurt.  It has a very large airport, the Frankfurt-Hahn Airport, which is used by a large number of European budget airlines, most notably Ryan Air.


Hahn experiences four typical climates and it is never really hot.  The warmest months are in the summer, during the months of July and August, with the coldest months being December and January, when temperatures regularly dip below freezing and snow is a regular occurrence.

Things to See and Do

The main attraction that should be visited in Hahn is the church.  This church is called the Simultaneous Church of Saint Anthony and has a very interesting tower.  It is called a simultaneous church because it is used as a place of worship by both evangelicals and Catholics.  This tower looks more like a defensive structure and has been dated to be around 650 years old.  There is only one church in the Rhineland that is older, so for those interested in history and architecture, this is definitely something to see.

Getting Around

Because Hahn is very small, the best way to get around is to use one of the many modes of transportation into Frankfurt.  However, you may also consider car hire Hahn, to give you the opportunity to see more of the area.  You could take a trip to Frankfurt, for example, but there are other German cities that are worthy of interest.  Opting for car hire gives you complete freedom of movement, allowing you to visit any area you want at your leisure, staying in a hotel overnight or deciding to move on.  Germany is not too densely populated, even in the Hahn area, so you could quite easily go on a little road trip and simply enjoy the countryside.

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