Hamburg is known for being Germany’s gateway to the world.  This is because it is home to the biggest port in the country and the second biggest port in Europe.  Hamburg is the second biggest city in Germany.  It is known as a free and hanseatic city, making it an independent state.  Hamburg is very proud of this status.


The city of Hamburg has four distinct seasons.  It is never particularly hot, although the summer months of July and August can be very pleasant.  This is a stark contrast to the winter months, December and January in particular, which can be bitterly cold.  Snow and ice are also not uncommon in Hamburg during the winter.

Things to See and Do

There are plenty of things to see and do in Hamburg, such as the city centre or the harbour area.  There are also many parks for those who enjoy nature.  If the weather is nice, you could go to one of the beaches on the river Elbe as well.  The river is safe to swim in, but you do need to take care not to go too far out, because of the ships.

Getting Around

Getting around Hamburg is quite easy, as it has a very good public transport system that is safe, reliable and affordable.  You could also travel by taxi or by train.  Hamburg is also a good location to cycle around as there are many cycle paths available.  However, if you also want to see some of the surrounding area of Hamburg, or if you don’t want to be restricted by departure and arrival times, you could opt for car hire Hamburg.  All the major car hire companies operate in the city so you should have no difficulty finding the right vehicle in your budget.  You can use the search facilities to compare their prices and book online.

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