Hanover is the capital of the Lower Saxony region found in Germany.  One of the main things that Hanover is known for is the World EXPO building.  It is generally referred to as EXPO city.  Furthermore, it was host to the Football World Cup in 2006.  Because of this international exposure most people in Hanover speak very good English, which is great for tourists of course.


As with most northern European countries, Hanover experiences four distinct seasons.  It is never particularly hot but the summer can be very pleasant.  Winter months, particularly between December and January can get very cold and there is regular snow fall.

Things to See and Do

There are plenty of things to see and do in Hanover, such as the beautiful and mesmerising Great Garden of Herrenhausen.  It was built as a replica of the great gardens at the Versailles Palace in France.  There is also plenty to do if you like animals, such as the Zoo or the Sea Life centre, for example.  There truly is something for everybody, from a great nightlife to ancient architecture, or from fantastic dining experiences to parks and a fantastic university or the castle.

Getting Around

Public transportation is very well organised in Hanover and is also reasonably affordable.  It is also very easy to travel around on a bicycle – which is very safe due to the cycle paths – or on foot.  However, if you want to go outside of Hanover as well, you may be better off opting for car hire Hanover.  This will give you the opportunity to see far more of the surrounding area at your own leisure as well, because of the freedom of movement that is afforded to you by having your own car at your disposal.

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