Huesca is located in the north east of Spain. The city is located in the community of Aragon and is the capitol of the Huesca province. The population of the city was only 52,059 in 2009, which makes Huesca one of the least populated capitols of Spain.

When visiting Huesca you will enjoy a Mediterranean climate. The summers in the city are dry and the springs and falls are fairly wet. The town lies within a basin that is surrounded entirely by mountains. This results in more extreme swings in temperatures. The temperatures in the winter can be quite low with averages between -5 to 8 degrees Celsius. There is generally a sporadic snowfall during the winter, and frost is fairly common.

In the city of Huesca, there is still a line of double ancient walls that are seen. In the nearby territory named Quicena, visitors can see Monastery-Castle of Montearagon ruins.

There are many different significant churches located in the city as well. The Huesca Cathedral shows a gothic style cathedral. James 1 of Aragon started the construction of the cathedral in 1273 on the foundation of the ruined mosque. Work on the cathedral continued through the 15th century.

Other churches of significance located in Huesca include the Monastery of Sand Pedro el Viejo, which was built between the years 1100 and 1241. The cloister of the original building remains, but the other parts of the church were rebuilt during the 17th century.

The Baroque style Iglesia of Santo Domingo, the Ermita de Lorento, and the Church of St. Lawrence are all located in the area as well.

The airport serving Huesca is the Huesca airport. When visiting the city it is a good idea to consider car hire in Huesca airport.

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