La Coruña

La Coruna or Corunna in English is a city that is located in the Galicia municipality in Spain. The city is located on the Atlantic Ocean and offers a busy port. The city offers a distribution point for the agricultural goods in the area.

La Coruna offers a temperate maritime climate that is affected by the Atlantic Ocean. The fall and winter typically have extremely unpredictable weather that includes strong winds and heavy rainfall. Both frost and snow are uncommon as the ocean keeps the temperatures fairly mild. The spring offers calm and cool weather. In the summer, you will not find much rainfall, and the temperatures are warm as well. Unlike other parts of Spain, temperatures in the region are rarely hot.

The city offers many notable landmarks to visit such as the Roman Tower of Hercules. This lighthouse has been in use for almost 2000 years. UNESCO has declared the lighthouse as a World Heritage Site. The tower is surrounded by a large park that offers bike paths, a sculpture park, gorgeous views of the Atlantic Ocean and a golf course.

The most important square in the city is the Maria Pita Square, which offers several notable landmarks such as City Hall as well as Maria Pita statue.

Perhaps the most popular places to visit in the city are the beaches. La Coruna now receives 62 cruise ships a year. Two of the most popular beaches in the city are Orzan and Riazor, which are located near the middle of the city and have a promenade located above them.

If you are flying into the city, it is likely you will be landing at the La Coruna Airport, which is about 5 miles from the centre of the city. When visiting the city consider car hire in La Coruna Airport for all of your transportation needs.

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