Lleida is located in the western part of Catalonia, Spain. The city is the capital of the province of the same name. The city of Lleida has settlements that date back to the Bronze Age, which makes it one of the oldest cities in the Catalonia area. The settlement first served the Iberians, until it was conquered by the Romans.


The city of Lleida had depended on airports from cities located nearby for many years. However, Reus Airport still remains the largest airport even though there is more local option. When visiting the city of Lleida, it will be important to have transportation to visit all the wonderful destinations the city has to offer. For this reason, consider car hire in Reus Airport.


When visiting Spain, you can expect a continental Mediterranean climate. The winters in the city are damp and cold and the temperatures often fall below zero degrees Celsius. The summers in the city can be quite hot with temperatures going over 40 degrees Celsius.


There are several theatres and music venues in the city in which concerts and theatre productions take place. The Auditori Enric Granados offers a symphonic hall that has 803 seats and a music hall that holds 245. It is the main concert hall of the city and is also the hose for the music conservatory.


There are two music festivals that take place in Leon. The Musiques Disperses takes place during the entire month of March and is a folk festival. The other music festival is the Jazz Tardor, which takes place in November. There are also two local feasts, one in May and one in September and concerts are a regular part of these as well.


In addition, Lleida offers a lot of museums, including; the Lleida Museum which has been open since 2008. The museum offers art work from several time periods as well as significant historical artefacts from the area. Some of the smaller art galleries in the area include Museu dArt Jaume Morera, Sala Coma Estadella, and Sala Leandre Cristofol.

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