The city of Malaga lies on the Mediterranean Sea in the Costa del Sol. It sits approximately 100 kilometres east of Gibraltar and is around 130 kilometres north of Africa.

Malaga offers a wonderful subtropical Mediterranean climate, which means that is one of the warmest places to spend the winter in Europe. The average temperatures from December through February are between 17 degrees Celsius in the day and around eight degrees Celsius in the night. Summer lasts around eight months, from April all the way to November.

Malaga is considered the capital of the Costa del Sol, which means that it is extremely popular with tourists. Pablo Picasso was born in the city, and visitors can tour his home as well as the Museo Picasso Malaga. Other places to visit include the old town, the Carmen Thyssen Museum and of course, the fantastic beaches. The beaches in Malaga are one of the main selling points of the city, and this is why tourists choose this destination over other European cities.

One of the popular walking destinations in the city is to the Gibralfaro castle which offers a panoramic view of the city. Alcazaba is located next to the castle; it is an old Muslim palace. The old Jewish quarter, the Roman theatre, the Church of Santiago, and the Cathedral are nearby attractions as well.

There are several options to get into the city. Malaga has one of the oldest operating airports in Spain. There are links to over 20 cities in Spain as well as over 100 links to other cities throughout Europe.  When in the city, you will find most destinations are easy to get to by walking. However, car hire at Malaga Airport is a good choice if you want to see the whole city and the surrounding areas.

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