Milan is one of the largest cities in Italy. It is the capital of the Lombardy region as well as the province Milan. The city was founded by Insubres, who are Celtic people. The city was later captured by the Romans and then became the capital of Western Roman Empire.

The city has a subtropical climate that is humid. In the winter months such as January, the average temperature is around three degrees Celsius. There are commonly snowfalls throughout the winter, but there are very few days where snow remains. In the summer months, around July the city sees average temperatures of around 30 degrees Celsius. Humidity is typically quite high throughout the entire year. Ventilation is poor throughout the city, which increases the amount of pollution.

Milan is known as one of the top fashion venues in the world, making it an extremely popular tourist destination. The city is ranked 7th as the best cities in Europe for its attractions, branding, and tourist reputation.

There are many cultural institutions, galleries, and museums located in Milan. Some of these are ranked highly internationally, such as the Duomo and Piazza, the San Siro Stadium, Maria Delle Grazie, which holds the Last Supper painted by Leonardo da Vinci, the Castello Sforzesco, Via Monte Napoleone, and the Galleria Vittorio Emanuel 2nd.

Many tourists will choose to visit the Castello Sforzesco, Milan Cathedral, and the Teatro alla Scala and some of the other city’s sights are less popular such as the Navigli, and the Basilica of Sant’ Ambragio.

Milan has one of the most important railway hubs in the whole of Italy, for international, national, and local routes. There are five major rail stations in the city. The city offers two high-speed trains that link to Rome, Turin, and Naples. The ATM operates throughout the city and manages the public transportation system which includes buses, an underground transit network and trams. Car hire in Milan Airport  is ideal for those who want to travel around the city in comfort.

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