Orlando, Florida has a very small population of 238,300 people, which makes it the 79th largest city in the United States, which puts it behind Anchorage, Henderson and Fort Wayne on the population list. However, there is probably not a state that is better known for its tourism. In fact, even though it is 79th in terms of population, in 2009 the city was the most visited city in the United States.

The main feature in Orlando has to be the world-famous Disney Land Resort, which is a series of theme parks that have been opened in tribute to Disney. Furthermore, and in keeping with this theme, Universal Studios, Wet n Wild and SeaWorld all call Orlando home.

Due to the amount of tourists who visit the state, car hire in Orlando is important. There are hundreds of thousands of people that hire cars every year in the country, which makes this industry one of the most popular. Orlando attracts roughly 45 million domestic tourists and 3 million international tourists every single year. To put that in perspective almost 190 times the amount of people visit the city compared to the amount that live there. Furthermore, Orlando boasts roughly three times the amount of international tourists when compared to New York.

Apart from Disney, another ‘selling point’ of Orlando has to be the great weather. Orlando has a tropical climate, which means that high temperatures in the summer are often interrupted by sudden downfalls as well. Temperatures in the summer rarely full below 20°C, while 10°C is probably the lowest temperature you will see during the winter months.

Orlando carries the nickname of Hollywood east because there are plenty of film studios in the area. In fact, up until about 1996, film production in Orlando was rife, something that has recently slowed down a lot.

Orlando is full of great shopping. The most popular mall in the region is the Florida Mall, which is actually one of the biggest (in terms of area) in the USA. With over 250 shops this mall is an ideal destination for tourists.

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