Camping with Kids in France and Belgium

More and more people nowadays think that in order for our children to be happy, we have to give them holidays in faraway destinations, with fantastic sun shine and round the clock entertainment. This is simply untrue. A good example happened a number of years ago, when I went to an outdoor shop to purchase […]

Car Driving Guide in Europe for Tourists

If you want to go on holiday in Europe and hire a car, you must be aware of the local driving rules. This is essential in order to avoid heavy court fines and, in the worst case scenario, even losing you license. There are different rules for all the different European countries, but we will […]

Top 5 Budget Tourist Destinations in Spain

Spain has a long and interesting history with fascinating culture and traditions. It also houses some beautiful beaches, some sought after tourist attractions and great weather all year. Due to the rise in demand for visiting Spain many airlines are offering budget flights to popular Spanish tourist attractions such as Costa del Sol and Alicante. […]

Top Kids Holidays

If you are ready to give your family, children included, the holiday of a lifetime, it is very important to find a location that is truly out of this world. We have compiled a list of the 6 best attractions to go to for a family holiday.

1 – Disney’s Magic Kingdom Orlando

When you […]

Exciting things to do in Athens

There are plenty of things to see and do while you are visiting Athens. While many people enjoy the usual touristy sites, there are some hidden gems in and around the surrounding area of this city that are worth exploring as well. You can find cheap cars at Athens airport to get around on your […]

Exciting Things to do in Barcelona

When visiting Barcelona, everyone has heard of the main attractions of the city such as the Picasso Museum and La Sagrada. If you are looking for some other fun and different things to do while you are on holiday in Barcelona, find a family cars at Barcelona airport and check out some of these unique […]

Exciting things to do in Berlin

Berlin is one of the most exciting cities to visit in Germany. There are so many attractions and activities in this modern metropolis it is hard to know where to begin. There are many unique districts that can provide the tourist with wonderfully different experiences while in the city. Find family car hire at Berlin […]

Unusual Things to do in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a wonderful city with something to offer just about everyone. History buffs, nature lovers, and those that are looking for fun night life will all find something to do in the city.


The Historisch Museum offers a unique look at the history of the city using objects such as the shoes from […]

Hong Kong Travel Advisories

When planning a holiday to Hong Kong there is very little threat of terrorism or other such attacks in the country. However, it is important to note the risk of terrorist attacks. There are risks of terrorist attacks occurring in all areas, even those that are frequently visited by tourists and expatriates.

Crime in Hong […]

Bahrain Travel Advice

Currently, there are numerous protests and demonstrations taking place across the country of Bahrain. Some of these demonstrations have become quite violent, but this violence is not specifically targeted at nationals from the United Kingdom. However, it is important that you maintain a high level of awareness when travelling in Bahrain. Be extremely careful in […]