PalenciaPalencia is located in the northern part of Spain on the northwest side of the country. The city is the capital of the province of the same name. Palencia is located in the Meseta Central, which is in the middle of the Carrion River Valley. The Pisuerga river flows through the city and creates four different islands, the two largest are Sotillo and Dos Aguas.


The climate in the city is a Continental Mediterranean, and the city has winters that are very cool because of the altitude as well as the isolation from influences from the sea. Winter in the city usually has several snowy days and the majority of the days have cold winds as well. Temperatures can reach a low of around zero degrees Celsius in the night. The summer temperatures are very pleasant with average highs ranging from 25 to 30.


There are many sites worth visiting in the city. The Roman Bridge that goes across the Carrion has been replaced by a medieval bridge that has three arches. The older part of the city is found on the left bank, and the newer development of the city is on the right bank. You should make sure you explore both of these parts of the city to see the differences.


The Gothic Cathedral in Palencia was dedicated to San Antolin and stands over the Visigothic Crypt. The museum of the cathedral contains several important art works. There are many Celtiberian ceramics on display at the Archaeological Museum.  Another famous site in the city of Palencia is the Church of San Miguel, which was built in the 13th century.


The closest airport to the city of Palencia is the Valladolid Airport. In order to visit the city of Palencia it is a good idea to consider car hire in Valladolid Airport in order to travel without any issues to the city.

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