Rome, Italy, is the capital and offers the most populated city within Italy. The city is near by the Tiber River which sits in the Lazio Region of the country. Rome is located within the western/central portion of the country.

The city enjoys a Mediterranean climate, which is typical to the coasts of Italy. Both the spring and the fall typically have warm weather. During the summer, around August, the city can see temperatures rise to above 30 degrees Celsius. During the winter there may be snowfall, but rarely accumulating. These occur between December and February.

Tourism is an extremely important aspect for the city’s economy. Some of the most well known attractions in Rome include the Vatican museums and the Coliseum. The city offers many historical buildings, churches, cathedrals, fountains, palaces, monuments, the Roman Forum ruins, and the Catacombs.

One of the best-preserved buildings in Ancient Rome is the Pantheon. Hadrian, the emperor of Rome from around 117 through 138 AD designed and built the Pantheon as a dedication to all the gods of pagan Rome.

St Peters offers another historical site to visit in the city. The sacred church is open for visiting year round, but during the winter months of October through March, closes an hour earlier. The Vatican Museum is closed many of the holidays and every Sunday except for the last Sunday of every month, when admission is free.  If you want to see these sites and many more, car hire in Rome is a great option.

The city of Rome offers some of the most historical sites in the world. In addition, the city is an important center for music, with a music scene that is intense. The city also hosts Cinecitta Studios, which is the largest television and film production company in Europe.

Rome’s most popular sport is football, and the city played host to the final games in the 1934 and the 1990 World Cup. The summer Olympics of 1960 were held in Rome. The Olympic stadium that was created for the event is still there and hosts many sporting events throughout the year.

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