Located in the western part of Spain, in the Leon and Castile community, Salamanca is best known for its urban environment along with its gorgeous buildings. In 1988, the Old City was named a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The city offers some of the country’s most important universities. There are thousands of students from abroad that flock to the city every year because the standard of the education system in the area is second to few others.

The climate in the city is that of most of the continental Mediterranean cities. This means the winters are cold, and the summers are generally hot. The climate of Salamanca is softened by the dryness throughout the year and the altitude. High temperatures throughout the winter months are between seven and nine degrees Celsius. During the hottest parts of the summer in July and August, the average temperatures can reach 27 to 29.

Some of the main sites of the city include:

Huerto of Calixto and Melibea: This is a garden that is located near the cathedrals. The rumour is that these are the gardens that are part of the plot from the book La Celestina. Besides, the garden is part of the remains of some of the Roman wall, which has been stood there for centuries.

The Old and the New Cathedral: the cathedral in the city was built during the 12th century. It is of the Romanesque style. The new cathedral is much larger and was built during the 16th century. Both buildings are stunning and have been designed in a gothic style.

University: what is now referred to as simply the University used to be the University of Salamanca is a set of buildings that include the Hospital de Estudio, Escuelas Menores, and Escuelas Mayores.

Museum of Automotive History of Salamanca: this museum offers a unique look at the history of the automobile throughout the country.

The city is served by the Salamanca Airport, which is located on a military base. When flying to Salamanca it is a good idea to consider car hire in Salamanca Airport for all of your transportation needs throughout the city.

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