Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Located in the Canary Islands, Santa Cruz is the capital of the area, along with the city of Las Palmas. Santa Cruz is home of the Canary Islands Parliament, and it also shares a four-year term for presidency with Las Palmas, and half of the boards and ministries of the islands government are located in the city.

La Laguna University has several facilities located in the city, including; the Naval Sciences Faculty and the Fine Arts School. The port of the city is one of the biggest and busiest in the country of Spain and has three sectors. The port is one of the major stopping points for cruises.

Santa Cruz is home to one of the largest carnivals in the world. It is the most important carnival in Spain and the second biggest in the world. The carnival located in the city is currently attempting to become a World Heritage Site.

Some of the interesting sites in the city include:

Auditorium of Tenerife: the auditorium was built in 2003 and Santiago Calatrava designed the building. The shape of the auditorium is quite famous with white and blue rollers and in the shape of sails. It is located near the port.  The auditorium has several small rooms, a room for operas, and a large room for concerts.

Beach of Las Teresitas: The beach of Las Teresitas offers calm waters and a great place to spend the day when visiting the area.

Museum of Nature and Man: This is a wonderful museum to visit while in the city. The museum offers several archaeological finds that are significant from the area. In addition, there are collections of botanical, paleontological, marine, entomological, and terrestrial vertebrate.

One of the best parts about visiting Santa Cruz is the climate. The area has a semi-arid subtropical climate. The summers are often hot and dry, and the winters are moderately warm.

The city is served by the Tenerife North Airport, which is about 11 kilometres away from the city. For travel into the city and all of its attractions consider car hire at Tenerife North Airport.

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