Current Travel Advice for Spain

Forest Fires

There are currently reports of a number of forest fires in the Canary Islands. Fires have also been reported in La Palma and La Gomera. These issues have led to hundreds of local residents being evacuated, even though this is just as a precaution. Due to this there are currently no travel warnings […]

Seville Airport

Seville Airport is the main airport in Seville and the second busiest airport in the Andalusia region after Malaga. The airport handles just over four million passengers every year and although it only has one terminal it does offer plenty for tourists to do whilst waiting for a flight. Originally built in 1915, Seville is […]

Las Palmas Airport

Las Palmas Airport is more commonly referred to as Gran Canaria Airport, as that is where it is located, however, the official name is Las Palmas Airport. You will more than likely have heard of Gran Canaria and can hence imagine how busy the airport actually is. Gran Canaria is one of the most popular […]

Valencia Airport

Valencia Airport, otherwise known as Manises Airport is an international airport located just outside of the city of Valencia in Spain. During the last ten years, the airport has seen a dramatic increase in passengers and now caters for just under seven million passengers a year. The airport is especially popular during the summer months […]

Madrid Airport

Madrid Barajas Airport is the largest airport in Spain and the main international airport in the city of Madrid. It is the busiest airport in Spain servicing around 50 million passengers each year and is very popular with tourists from locations throughout the world. Since its opening in 1928, Madrid Airport has gone on to […]


Barcelona is the second largest city in Spain and quite often mistaken for the country‚Äôs capital. Located on the Mediterranean Coast, there is so much to see and do in the city that almost every type of tourist is sure to have a great time. Popular all year round, the only time of year that […]


Almeria is an Andalusian city in Spain. A popular tourist destination, Almeria enjoys fantastic weather all year round, with hot summers and mild winters. Temperatures never seem to fall below 18oc in the city. Generally peaceful and relatively safe, Almeria is a fantastic holiday destination for families and couples alike.

Things to See and Do



Alicante is located in the Valencian community in Spain and is a very popular tourist area. One of the fastest growing cities in Spain, Alicante makes the majority of its income from tourism and a construction boom has been taking place for the last 20 years to try and encourage more tourists to visit. With […]

Bilbao Airport

Bilbao Airport is located in the Basque country in northern Spain. It handles just over four million passengers a year and accepts flights from locations all over Europe. The airport is known for its sleek and contemporary design and has been nicknamed the dove due to this. Although many love the contemporary look of the […]

Tenerife Airport

Due to the size and popularity of Tenerife, the beautiful canary island is home to not one but two airports, which are more commonly known as Tenerife North and Tenerife South. A favourite location for both British tourists and other Europeans, Tenerife is popular both during the summer and the winter due to its mild […]