Travel Advice for Papua New Guinea

Crime Threats to Travellers

Crimes against travellers to Papua New Guinea (PNG) are not common, but can be serious in nature. The capital of Port Moresby has the highest amount of serious crime, with the cities of Lae and Mt Hagen also noted areas with a significant crime problem. Weapons used in assaults and thefts […]

Sri Lanka Travellers Tips

Due to years of internal military conflict between the government and liberation forces, Sri Lanka was at one time a centre of terrorist activity. With the government succeeding in defeating the liberation uprising in 2009, terrorist activity has been minimized. The government has instituted a very strong security force to prevent an outbreak of violence […]

Tunisia Travel Tips

Travelling Around Tunisia

While the British Embassy has not issued travel restrictions to any areas of Tunisia, travellers should be mindful of current events and the restrictions that may be imposed. Curfews and other movement restrictions may be imposed without any notice, and for indeterminate periods of time. Protests and other forms of civil disobedience […]

Travel Tips for Kuwait

Currently, there are no restrictions on travel to Kuwait. It is important to note that there is an underlying threat of terrorism in the country. Terrorist groups have issued statements that insinuate threats that they will carry out in the gulf region. The threats include references of attacks on both European and Western interests that […]

Panama Travel Advice

Health Concerns

The biggest concern for travellers to Panama is risks to physical health. Food and water-borne diseases are a possibility, as well as insect bites. Tropical diseases are also a realistic threat, but can be avoided if the correct steps are taken.

Illnesses from Mosquitoes

Yellow fever, transmitted by bites from an infected Aedes […]

Saudi Arabia Travel Advice

Terror Threats

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia remains under a general threat of terrorist activities. Although the country is one of the safer nations in the Middle East, attacks have been carried out. Terrorists like to target crowded areas and places frequented by foreign travellers. Therefore, as with all travel, maintaining awareness of surroundings and […]

Travel Warnings for Thailand

If planning a trip to Thailand there are certain areas of the country that should be avoided. This includes travel to the Ta Krabey/Ta Moan temple area located on the border of Thailand and Cambodia as well as travel to Preah Vihear. It is also so recommended that visitors should only visit the provinces of […]

Travel Advice to Japan

Natural Disaster Threats

Travelling to Japan is a relatively safe experience. However, several different natural disasters have the potential to disrupt holiday plans. Based on its location along the Pacific Rim, Japan is a hotspot for dangerous volcanoes that can cause significant damage without any warning. Japan also experiences tropical cyclones/typhoons annually, with a variety […]

Travel Tips for India

Threats of Terrorism

India experiences a high level of terrorist activity. This scourge afflicts the entire nation; there is no one area in India deemed “safe” for travellers. Although terrorist attacks are a possibility, India remains an attractive holiday option for over 700,000 UK residents annually. Most travellers have a trouble-free holiday. Constant vigilance is […]

Travel Advice for Israel

Travel Warnings

The British government has issues a travel warning for certain disputed territories along Israel’s border, urging British nationals and all travellers to avoid the Gaza Strip in southern Israel and in territories under dispute along the border with Lebanon. While these areas are prone to high incidents of terrorism, the threat exists all […]