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Barcelona is one of the world’s leading tourism, economic, trade fair and cultural centers, and its influence in business, education, entertainment, media, fashion, science, and art. It is a major cultural and economic center of Southwest Europe, 24th in the world. Popular Barcelona has many attractions and activities waiting for tourists from delicious fares to world-class art. If you find yourself tight budget, there are many good things that can be used free of charge throughout the city. Here is what we list Barcelona Top Rated Attractions.

1. Views from the top hills

The advantage of this rising up the city is that the neighborhood offers a few locations to take a magnificent view of the location. Carmel Bunker, at the top of the Turó Hotel de la Rovira, is a free and open space. They built air defense bunkers during the Civil War. after became shacks, now in the city’s history museum in 1992, partially canceled by the Olympic Games, and they were a free and open space for panoramic views. Weekend running, cycling and wanders boxing, it offers spectacular views and easy access to the natural swimming park of the Colisee Mountains.

2.Best beautiful Parc de la Ciutadell

As one of the most beautiful places in Barcelona, this park is a good place for couples, families, and anyone who wants to escape the loud and busy city atmosphere. Play a picnic with your friends, play with your kids, or just relax on the grass There is a good book or a loved one. There is also an open Wifi network – sitting as close as possible to “W” signs, the strongest connection.

3.The best museums in Barcelona are free

Some of the best museums in Barcelona are free to enter every Sunday after 3 pm: Picasso Museum is the place where his early works; the Barcelona Museum of History is vital to historical attractors – especially if you enter the ruins of Rome and want to see The city’s 4000 square meters of archaeological excavations, as well as medieval landmarks and fascinating insight into the history of Catalonia.On the first Sunday free is the National Museum of Catalan Art of the Middle Ages and Modern Art

4. The most famous bars Las Ramblas

Located in the heart of the city, almost all-weather business, Las Ramblas is one of the most famous bars in the world. correct. Decorated with endless human statues, noisy pet stalls, traveled restaurants and small sellers selling all kinds of fluorescent objects, it is inevitable that you will not only end here once, but you will end up here a few times The Walking up and down for a few hours is an attraction in your own right. When you get there, you will understand why.

5.Outdoor free film watching

Barcelona has the perfect weather to watch outdoor movies, and it is not surprising that several film festivals have appeared in the past few years. A free movie is Cinema Lliure, which plays independent movies on Santsebastià beach on Thursday and Sunday night. The Barcelona Contemporary Cultural Center (CCCB) plans its own festivals, Gandules, free play videos and documentaries in the courtyard. Also, for a taste of free and gracious local music, go to the selection of the University of Barcelona gardens in the evening of July.

6.Walk along the Passeig de Gracia

Probably one of the most popular roads and sidewalks in the vicinity of Gracia, but it is a good reason.Along this route, the best example of many cities is Gaudi’s work – CasaBatlló and CasaMilà – as well as many of the most luxurious Spanish and international brands.We advise you to walk in the morning when the sun rises, or as if you were falling at night. So that you can appreciate the architectural masterpiece without the crowd and do some window shopping instead of breaking your travel budget.

7.Local parks and green spaces

If there is one thing, Barcelona is lacking, especially compared to the British city, it is the park.So, the city’s main green space, Parc de la Ciutadella, is full. It is in an old military castle – hence the name – the site, has a lake and zoo and places the Catalan parliament. Go to Montjuïc Mountain and enjoy a mix of nature, beauty, and culture, and you will find the National Art Museum and the JoanMiró Foundation as well as the Olympic landmarks and a castle. Check out Montjuïc’s magic fountain on a timetable to see the beautiful waterfall and music show.

8.Best Catalan culture Markets

Food in the Catalan culture occupies a large share, there is no better way than to explore the city market to taste the local cuisine. La Boqueria is Europe’s largest food market, located in the center of La Rambla, is the most famous – crowded – but its food stalls and its architecture make it not to be missed (if you can, go in the morning). Santa Caterina is also worth a visit due to its colorful ups and downs and its food. The former has several snack bars, which include a restaurant – the perfect tasting market for the product.

9. Free snacks and drinks

Spanish food, snacks are automatically thought that you will find a lot of great snacks around Barcelona. It may be difficult to find free snacks in the city compared to the rest of the county, but when you drink, there are still several bars to keep the tradition of free snacks. Want a free nibble, then check in Ambiente del Sur near L’Eixample. A small, friendly bar that offers some great small dishes of food and a drink. In the same area, you will also find Bar Atrapatapa, snacks are not free, they offer only two euros once you buy a cup. If you peck at the Gothic Quarter, then check out Bar Mingus’s free snacks and a drink, the same for Gata Mala in the Gracia area.

10. Free transport with the Barcelona Card

It is not entirely free, but we think this deal is so great that it is definitely a huge save for your price, and you pay for it without it. There are some easy-to-use transport options in Barcelona, the subway is the easiest to navigate, but the fare is € 2.18 per trip to your total spending in your vacation can really accumulate – so why not free travel? Use the Barcelona card, where you can make unlimited discounts. For 3 to 4 and 5 days of duration, the card should be enough to cover most of the festivals in Barcelona.

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