Travel Advice for Israel

Travel Warnings

The British government has issues a travel warning for certain disputed territories along Israel’s border, urging British nationals and all travellers to avoid the Gaza Strip in southern Israel and in territories under dispute along the border with Lebanon.  While these areas are prone to high incidents of terrorism, the threat exists all over the country,  including the disputed West Bank territories.

Warnings for Gaza

In August 2012, over twenty people were killed at a border crossing between Israel and the Gaza Strip. The Rafah crossing reopened three weeks later, but is only open three days a week and is subject to occasional closure. Although travel to Gaza is strongly discouraged, it is recommended to check if the Rafah border gate is open prior to travel.

In addition to the situation at the border crossing, rockets have been lobbed back and forth between the Gaza/Sinai Peninsula area and Southern Israel. These air strikes have resulted in loss of life of civilians.  As a result, the British government suggests remaining a distance of at least 40 kilometres from the Gaza border.

Warnings for Northern Borders

Travel to the Golan Heights is also discouraged. This area, located in the disputed area between north-eastern Israel and Syria, has been witness to several conflicts recently. Unexploded land mines remain throughout the area. If travelling to the Golan Heights, use only established paths and roads.

The British government also advises against travel to the Sheba’a Farms territory along the border between the Golan Heights and Lebanon. On-going military operations have created tension between the Israelis and Lebanese over control of this territory.

Travel to the West Bank

Travel warnings to the West Bank have been relaxed by the British government. While security has improved greatly recently, and large number of tourists visit, the potential for terrorist activity remains. It is wise to remain aware of your surroundings at all times. It is also suggested to register with the LOCATE service, so that you can receive help in the event of a crisis.

Getting Around Israel

With the threat of terrorist activity on public transportation, a car hire may be in your best interest. To compare car hire prices in Israel, use this link to find the most affordable rental during your holiday in Israel.

For Your Safety

In the event of a crisis, it is highly recommended to take out comprehensive medical and travel insurance during your holiday to Israel. Check with your insurance agent available options so that you are covered if required.

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