Travel Advice for Italy

Transport Delays

Over the next few months there will be continuing transport strikes in Rome, Milan, Florence, Naples and Turin. If you are travelling to the airports in one of these regions, then you should check with the airline carrier to see if there are any potential delays that could be caused by transfer travel. Of course, if there are delays, you could consider car hire in Italy as an alternative to public transport.

Earthquake Warning

On the 20th May, an earthquake hit the Emilia Romagna region. This was followed up by two earthquakes of 5.8 and 5.6 magnitude. Minor aftershocks, even two months later continue to be felt throughout northern Italy. The country declared a state of emergency after the earthquakes, which remain in place up until the end of July. All the main roads in this region are fine. However, some of the B roads have been damaged quite badly, which means there are diversions that have been put in place for the foreseeable future. If you are travelling through or to these areas, you should take the time to factor in potential delays.

Italy as a country sits on a major seismic fault line. This means that very minor earthquakes are almost a daily occurrence. Before travelling to Italy it is a good idea to run through a few key points with your party in regard to what to do during and after an earthquake. More information can be found here.

Attack on School

On the 19th May, there was an explosion outside a school in Brindisi. The person responsible for this attack was caught, and the Government has released a statement to say that they believe this was an isolated event, after they initially linked it to the Mafia. Local officials have said that they feel there is no additional risk to safety because of this attack.

Ongoing Threat of Terrorism

Throughout Italy there continues to be a minor threat from extreme left wing individuals and secessionist groups. Recent attacks have been aimed at Italian targets, and the Government has been quick to point out that there is no additional risk to tourists. The last attacks were in 2010 and 2009 with no fatalities. With this in mind, regardless of where you travel to abroad it is a good idea to stay vigilant at all times.

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