Travel Advice for Qatar

Crime in Qatar

Over 40,000 British nationals visit Qatar each year and there are very few incidents to report. However, female travelers should be careful when traveling in the country alone at night and only a reputable taxi or limousine service company should be used. The overall threat of street crime is low and there are very few instances in card skimming, but you should still take normal precautions when using your credit or debit card

Safety Tips for Road Travel

For those that plan on hiring holiday cars in Qatar, care should be taken. The standard of driving in the country is much lower than that in the United Kingdom. Discipline on the road is extremely poor and people travel at quicker speeds. If you are involved in a vehicle accident make sure that you stay with your car. It is against the law to leave your vehicle when involved in an accident. However, if the accident is minor and no one is hurt you can move your vehicle to a safe location until the police come.

When driving, it is important to note that there has been a significant increase of penalties issued by the police. This is a move that has decreased the amount of accidents in the country on the roads. Drivers must wear seatbelts at all times when in the front seat of a vehicle. There is also a penalty for using your mobile phone while driving in the country. A minor expression of road rage such as a gesture may be finable as well.

Local Customs

Qatar is an Islamic country, and when visiting you should respect their customs, laws, traditions, and religions at all times. It is vital that you remain conscious of your actions to ensure that you do not offend their beliefs. If you intend to visit during Ramadan, it is important that you are even more aware Take care when visiting any areas that are known for being religious.

Terrorism Threats

There is an underlying threat of terrorism in Qatar. Terrorists attacks are unlikely, but could happen. These threats may occur in places that are frequented by foreign travellers and expatriates. There are continuous threats made by terrorists threatening to carry out attacks in this area. The threats include references to attacks that may occur on western interests such as residential compounds, oil interests, aviation interests, transport interests, and places of worship.

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