Travel Advice in Cyprus

Divide between North and South

Cyprus is divided into two regions, and few people are aware of this because the north is not a recognised country internationally. These two regions are the TRNC (Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus) and Southern Cyprus. No other country (apart from Turkey) recognises Northern Cyprus as a country. It is possible to pass between the two (south to north) if you go through several checkpoints. However, this is by no means easy. In fact, those with a TRNC stamp in their passport will often find it hard to enter Southern Cyprus at customs. If you hire a car, then you should note that these cars (if hired in the south of the country) are generally not insured in the north. Furthermore, any British national crossing from the north to the south without documentation proving that they came from the south first will be in violation of the ‘rules’ set out by the divide.

Issues with the Purchase of Property

If you want to buy a place in Cyprus, then you should make sure you take extra care to stop any risk of you being conned. You should ensure you look for independent, recommended and qualified advice from an expert in this area, and you should always seek a second opinion at all times during the purchase process. You should also be aware that the Cyprus Problem could play a role in your property purchase. This link provides more information if you want to buy a property in Cyprus.

Crime against Tourists

It should be noted that crime against tourists is notoriously low in Cyprus. However, there has been an increase in the number of passports stolen in the Paphos area. In fact, some hotels and safes have been targeted so it is always a good idea to double-check that your doors are locked and secure.

Travel Strikes

If you are travelling to Cyprus in the near future, you should take note that there is the potential for travel strikes to be implemented in at very short notice. As this is the case, it may be worth looking at car hire in Cyprus to stop any issues. Public transport strikes have been rather common in recent years in Cyprus so this is something you should really consider.

Swimming on Beaches

You should only ever swim on safe beaches with lifeguards. Furthermore, you should never venture too deep. Cyprus is known to have strong seas and undertows. Make sure you never go against any warning signs.

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